God really took some time to make everything look beautiful.


I see a deep blue sea, I see a glorious sky

I see fishes and birds in your eye.

I see a battle won, I see peace flowing

I see you at a distance, don’t know if you’re coming or going.

I hear music, I hear trees rustling

Β I see thoughts hustling and bustling.

I see sleep, I see your dreams

I see sunny beams, I see aim extremes.

I see a starry night when there’s less light

In spite of the darkness your eyes shine bright.

I see a new morning when I wake up to you seeing me

I see my dreams come true, I foresee.

I try to see every little detail in the beauty of your eyes

I see whats and whens, I see wheres and whys.

I try to hear your thoughts every word they think

But every time I catch them, you blink or wink.

By the end I’m lost either in or out of your grace

I just get a reflection of my own because you look away apace.


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