These words that I’m going to write about today, came from my grandfathers’ wisdom. I thank him for his teaching and his knowledge about how the world would be in our generation.


How often was Grandpa reminded of waking up early?

How often was he reminded to go to bed early?

How often did his parents have to tell him to work efficiently?

How often did they have to tell him about studying efficiently?

“Not once.”

And today your mother might come to wake you up for times abundance.

Can you mark any difference in Grandpas life and yours?

Yes, you have much more than Grandpa did, much more to learn, much more doors.

Grandpa woke up early because he had to work in fields before getting to school

While you have no work burdening on your shoulders, with alarm as your mobile tool.

Grandpa worked efficiently to grow his large family alone

While you don’t have to grow others but yourself and just be known.

Grandpa studied hard so that he earned enough, in times of less rain or no grain

You don’t have large farms to look at, you don’t have to carry that pain.

Yes you might have more technology to do things that Grandpa did with his hands

But do learn his skills too because everything will be as fast as flowing sands.

Yes there will be more tools to make your work easy

But please make yourself strong that you can stand for long hours without feeling uneasy.

Yes, you might not have to work day and night like Grandpa did

But do exercise and feel the pain, so that you make him proud like he did.


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