The Sacred Place!

We all have some blessing within us and the best part is that we can share it. I call it, The Sacred Place.

The Sacred Place!.jpg

Until today I knew that knowledge increased on sharing

But today I found another thing that just got added with caring.

It’s a small blessing that we have within us

And even after giving it to others, it has no minus, only plus.

It has a warmth, it releases a lot of stress

Can you guess what this one thing can be, can you assess?

A blessing absolutely free and non-taxable

It silently performs and definitely passable.

Can you still not guess it? I’ll give you another clue.

You can give this blessing to me at the same time I’m giving it to you.

You might smile when you get this from your mom, companion or friend

Yet, you will want more it just has no end.

This is a better medicine than happiness too, a better drug

Okay that’s it! No more suspense, it’s called a hug.


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