End Of My Mind!

The path that I want to go to, always lies at the end of my mind. I never have a clear vision of what I really want to do.

End Of My Mind!.jpg

As a five year old I wanted to have a superb hand-writing

As a seven year old the classical dancing was too exciting.

As a nine year old I wanted to win the four hundred meter race for my school

And today as a nineteen year old too, I don’t know what really is cool.

Honestly, I never felt guilty about not knowing what to do

Because on my way to life, I’ve been learning things new.

I might have not shaped my body as a marvellous girly sculpture

But my body can fight and heal all pain that’s a feeling of great rapture.

Yes, most people who have fame today started at sixteen

But to get known or be successful one doesn’t really have to start as a teen.

So many people started their careers at forty

Can you imagine the kind of grit required? They were so sporty.

Most of my mind still doesn’t know what exactly to do

And most of it does know what one has to really really do.

I have to take care of my body because that’s the place I’ll live in forever

I have to use each day like it’s the last, forever.

I don’t have to think about what others think

If I think about their thoughts I’ll just blink.

I have to dance, even if it’s just on my bed and no stage

I have to listen and talk to my family because no mobile phone will help in an awkward age.

Yes, maybe the path I have to reach with hard work is at the end of my mind

Yet, my friend, I won’t leave for that a marvellous life somewhere behind.


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