There’s someone who has always taught me to choose what’s right for me.


In today’s fast moving lives, where industries grow and change

We as people have so much to choose from and arrange.

Most people have told me, that my choice is a simple one

But, most of the times I take a lot of time and effort to choose one.

If I get two options I ask someone else to choose for me

But if I get four, it’s a very difficult situation to be.

And as the number of option increases

My mind starts getting confused and my power to choose decreases.

After a few of such option encounters I’ve found

That the same scenario occurs when decision making comes around.

Most of the times, I’ve asked for opinions in family before deciding

And that has been the best for me, so subsiding.

But, recently I’ve realised that, “Until when”?

There maybe a time when my choice and decision might differ again.

Then what? Whom would ask for opinion and whom would I answer?

This felt to me like, mind cancer.

But soon I found that choices are the best thing that happen to us

There’s no strict way of living thus.

It’s your own way and you have to walk it eventually

So the decision should be yours even after it came from a million other choices actually.

So I learned to choose for myself

And to do that I would walk in my shoes myself.

I’d always look for what comforts me the most

And ultimately it would my decision present or post.

Taking opinions will still be present

But what suits me, only my decision will represent.


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