What comes to your mind first when you read the word “fights”? What came to my mind right after I read it, was love.


Sometimes I feel sad that I’ve fought really less in my life

Like honestly, all my relationships have held strong without strife.

But then when I look back to fights I’ve had

Even by looking at some fights I be so glad.

Because every time I’ve fought with a loved one

I’ve come back strong, stronger with that someone.

Come back with a realisation of what suits one and another

Come back with a feeling of knowing better the other.

Small arguments too sometimes have led to tears

But I’ve come back with larger smiles and no more fears.

It’s not quite difficult to get back strong

There maybe a time which isn’t so right, it’s wrong.

But looking for what’s good is always better and easy

Keeping faith and giving back in a relationship can always get it back to breezy.

I wish today, I had more valuable fights

Trust me it’s such a beautiful feeling, it just delightfully reunites.


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