Vande Mataram!

Today we celebrate India’s 67th Republic Day!


“Vande Mataram” were two superb words written in Bengali in 1882.

We use these two words even today as they are simply new.

They always meant, praise of mother.

While mother meant simply India and no other.

India even today might not be a perfect country

Yet she is as beautiful asΒ mother, a magnificent country.

She might not be strong and mighty with power

Yet she blossoms in all the dust like a pretty flower.

I have weakness and so do you

So does my Mother India, yet she fights through.

She always has a generation of strength and ability

She is the country’s inspiration and all capability.

Her colours, her air, her fragrance, her flair

Β Marks serenity and peace, makes us salute I swear.

The Indian Pledge was written by a Telugu scholar in 1962.

“India is my country” even today say I and you.

The pledge meant, India will always remain in our hearts

And it shines in our dances, virtues and arts.


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