Need Or Want?

The endless desires we fulfil to grow mindlessly.

Need Or Want?

I’ve been working really hard to be perfect

Really hard to remove each part of me that’s imperfect.

I practice and push myself each day to move ahead

Sometimes, I do much more than I need to go ahead.

This craving to be perfect at everything I wish

Whether it’s writing, running or making a new dish.

I don’t know if it makes me stronger or no

But it sure does make me a little incapable though.

That pushing of my spine every now and then

Makes me lose my strength every now and again.

ย Sometimes I find myself doing much more than I really can

It makes me cry and laugh together when I fail at my plan.

It makes me wonder am I really doing justice with my life

When each day I wake up and see just a new strife.

The feeling of being not great hits my heart hard

I never feel the blessing about something good in me, even after I work hard.

After a million times of trying to reach ahead I’ve understood

That I was good even earlier, wherever I stood.

The only desire to reach another mark

Makes me lose the journey completely, nothing to remark.

Now that I understand myself, I can find my needs

Because until now I was fulfilling wants with my deeds.

The desire to be perfect is not what we really require

It’s just a feeling of reaching Perfection that we acquire.

What we only need is to get better

Whether it’s at writing, running orย knitting a sweater.


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