One word says it all. Faith.


Will I stay on track when in doubt?

Or will I put my head down and turn about?

Will I continue to walk alone without fear?

Or will I lose hope and settle near?

Will I trust myself when no one else does?

Edison wasn’t supported, so was the story of Buddha’s.

Will I be able to wait or lose my patience?

Faith breaks majorly because of impatience.

Will I close my eyes to dream a new dream?

Or will one nightmare affect my every dream?

Will I count my broken pieces or put them back together?

Will I accept defeat one after the other?

Will I begin again, if I fail in the beginning?

Will I go ahead to see myself winning?

Will I complete my story or lose it after a few pages?

Will I die an ordinary man or live after death for ages?

It’s all in me to trust or misplace myself somewhere

It’s just my choice to look back or head somewhere.


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