You And Camera!

She asked him, “What’s more important to you? Me or your camera?” And he said…

You And Camera!.jpg

If my eyes could capture, they would capture your eyes

Your eyes say stories everyday in disguise.

But today when I don’t see you, I realise

That I should capture you often and be wise.

Not just your eyes but even those lips have said so much

Just your fingers make a difference to me, just your little touch.

Are you my love? Or are you eagerness?

Without you, I understand what’s emptiness.

You make me realise my eyes can’t click

You remind of every breath I inhale, I remember each flick.

Your hair in that golden sunny light the way they be,

The way you look, makes me hazy.

Your little nose too, is no less

When you breathe through me, trust me I’m aimless.

There’s so much distance between moments and memory

I wish I could take you to future and not just history.

I know you don’t like my camera and you put it away

But you know its always my camera that has caught you everyday.

Remember that first time? When your twinkling eyes said,

“Capture A Shot!” go ahead.


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