It hurts, but who said “I wasn’t strong?”


They say, don’t think about it

Some say let time heal it.

Don’t think about it

Move on and you’ll be fit.

But, is it really easy to let your emotions go?

Is it easy to heal your broken pieces to and fro?

How does it feel to hold a shield, as if you’re really some power?

How does one smile hide all tears? Where’s the armour?

I’ve never been able to get over skin deep injuries with ease.

Even the healing leaves scars behind, doesn’t release.

Some say let the mind barriers go

But why don’t you also tell me, where do I let them go.

After giving myself some time to heal a hurt heart

I found it wasn’t easy from the start.

But something I’ve realised with time is really true

That one has to feel the pain, it also is a part of you.Β 


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