Love always taught me, “Don’t expect.” Success always said, “Expect Victory!” Life came to me, held my hand and said, “Choose your path I’ll be beside.”


Expectation rises where acceptance decreases

Acceptance decreases only when trust is broken into pieces.

I’ve always had some faith for me andΒ for the people I love

Yet, sometimes expectations rise all above.

Expectation also rises where hope increases

This sort of assumption always adds joy and sorrow it ceases.

I’ve always assumed victory even before I’ve played

Sometimes I felt that, ‘Victory has betrayed’.

But today, I am living and I can feel both the worlds

Where expectation has abandoned me yet, it has given me joy of a world’s.

Today, when I expect my mind; my soul to do something

I’m quite confident that to achieve this something, it’ll do everything.

This achievement expectation leads to it’s attraction

And this attraction creates the best self-respect equation.

Even so, if I expect something from me that isn’t me

In trying to become something better, I lose the faith of being me.

This loss of faith creates dissatisfaction

And this dissatisfaction leads me to complete inaction.


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