This is a poem for some people around us who aren’t a part of the family. But they become so close to the heart that, imagining life without them too, is extremely tough.


How blessed are we? To have such people around.

Unconditionally, they give, they take. They smile, they frown.

Most of these are different yet they are alike

Whether it’s their success or ours, they always hike.

They cry in our sorrow, they worry in our pain.

They stay stuck always whether it’s summers or rain.

At times, being with us too is no pleasure or gain

Whether the story is happy or sad they remain.

These people come from various backgrounds

All of them are within some bounds.

Sometimes, they pull us into all their battlegrounds

Yet, we always wish to have them in the surrounds.

I’ve had very few close friends all my life

But having a few of these will remain my rife.

Because to be loved in and out home is a very special feeling

And I’m so happy to receive this blessing through the ceiling.


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