Almost every night when I lie tired on bed, I think about what I did in the whole day. And this has been my habit since almost a decade. Last night, when I lay tired on the bed I realised that I never did anything. Does that really mean I did nothing?


All the people around me, near me or dear to me have one simple complaint

And it’s so simple that I need not explain.

They all say, I work very hard

But, for my schedule, everyone shows disregard.

All my people state, that I don’t have enough time

Some also say, that I pressurise myself and commit a crime

Β Yesterday when I thought about this

I found an idea that I couldn’t miss.

I felt it was a mind blowing technique to get on track

I asked myself to work like white and black.

The idea was to work as long and as hard as I could

But the deal was to work only for the direction I should.

Which meant, no running behind wild goals

But creating the ideal plan for one goal with controls.

So white would tell me work as hard as you can

And black would remind me don’t work without a set plan.

You might not believe me but today was a superb day

Because the plans were like fragrance in my weeks bouquet.


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