The Tea Cups!

A story that taught me how valuable tea could be.

The Tea Cups!

It was the 86th anniversary of our university teacher

She was the most loving and caring preacher.

She taught us the best values of life ever

Everything that she offered us, we knew we’d keep it forever.

We all gathered at her house to give her a birthday surprise

Not knowing of the simple feeling that she might carry in her eyes.

She hugged us all with as much warmth as we did

She said to all of us, “You are my favourite kid.”

Β Within no time she arranged us some tea andΒ biscuits

Within no time she took glances of broad smile elicits.

The aroma of the tea she prepared, drove all of us crazy

With no daisies around her little house was sparkling daisy.

She removed a shining set of porcelain tea cups

Along with these, she kept extra paper tea cups.

These porcelain cups were beautiful but all damaged

While paper cups were no beauty but their handles were perfectly undamaged.

All of us invariably picked the paper cups and poured our tea.

Some said they were closer, some said they didn’t like much tea.

Soon our teacher asked us why neither of us chose the better looking cups?

We looked at each others paper cup holding hands and some even had hiccups.

She then, explained to us like she would do always

That the cups looked better but were decayed in some ways.

She stated that the tea was life and the cups were different ways to live it

The damaged cups were the tough paths while the paper cups were short and fit.

We couldn’t enjoy the tea in the paper cups

While we would injure ourselves if we held the porcelain cups.

This was her deliberate move to let us know

That life always gives us two ways to live it and grow.

While we want to enjoy this life we always take the easier path

We choose the road while we should really be walking on the footpath.


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