What’s Your Limit?

There are times we don’t understand that we need to limit ourselves. These are times our minds stand in a dilemma and we start making excuses.


He said, “I limit myself down every time

It’s difficult to always reach home at nine.”

Why does our habit rule our mind?

What’s the reason for us to become kind?

Our mind masters all senses, masters the body

Then what allows it to be lenient even when we’re tardy?

There are times that we forget our periphery

There are times we forget our boundary.

But this does not mean that the periphery was never there

The boundary was always well set by our values somewhere.

But our likeliness towards new broken rules and habits

Makes every little bit of the broken pieces inhabits.

These new pieces become such a vital part now

That we don’t feel them as broken pieces somehow.

We start feeling that habits we love are wonderful

But what we love might not always be good for us. In fact, they’re sometimes harmful.

So how do we get through? Is there a way through?

Yes, of course there are ways to drop these habits new.

Dropping these habits might not be easy

Most of the times they’ll make us uneasy.

But the best part is they’ll give us more life.

They’ll give us more ways to live a great life.

All we need is a few tea spoons of realization and a few spoons of practice

To let our inhabitants out and cease the malpractice.


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