Born For Me!

A loving birthday wish from one heart to another.


It’s not like life wouldn’t be there without you

But this life that you’ve given me is so amazing yet true.

Meeting you in the journey of my life was my greatest destination

While I still want to roam the world with you, let’s start with the nation.

I won’t hesitate to say that I see you and I, young and old

But I wouldn’t mind if you find someone better, you’re treasure, find a heap of gold.

Life hasn’t been easy on me, but you’ve stayed

You’ve crossed all barriers, all mountains with me. Every tough path laid.

Let it be sorrow or happiness you haven’t left my hand

Through thick and thin you’ve stood right beside my land.

It’s just words that I can give you today

But mark my words I’ll always stay.

No matter how far we travel in this journey of life.

I promise you’ll have a place in my heart without any strife.

You’re undoubtedly my favorite dream in so many years

And God while making it true for me, has added tiny little tears.

But my eyes will still shine when they see you decades from now

When we’ve grown old yet look beautiful to each other somehow.

From old I remember it’s your birthday right?

I wish I held you close today right in front of my sight.

But while you’re away I’d lastly just say

I love you and… happy birthday.


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