They say, when we take we might take little or according to our need. While when God gives, he gives us abundantly.


How many times do we have something to offer?

While we pray to him, do we have something to proffer?

My mother offered her life to God

How can someone offer life? Quite odd.

“Life is the only thing we possess”, I felt

Soon there were more conclusions heartfelt.

My mother taught me, that there was nothing, mine

I was actually just born to redefine.

My existence came into life to make some change

There were things here for me to arrange.

God made everyone equal with one definite similarity

The principle of give and take was present for everyone with abundance in clarity.

It’s we humans, to whom he gave a little more

With the extra we received we forgot giving back for sure.

But today, I understand that God’s plan was quite undemanding

He gave to everyone who was quite understanding.

Somewhere he gave more of love, somewhere less of happiness

Yet more or less, he always said a yes.

I guess that’s why we named him God

Now even I had the urge to be close to his applaud. 

I thought I can give as much as I have got

With this thought I was already sought.

I knew one thing that giving life was only in his hands

But making someones life could be in my hands.

Now that I knew I was well educated

I felt this was a time for some knowledge to be debited.

My accounts have remained one to one with God

Let’s see if he can still keep it equal with this give and take so mod.


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