I grapple with myself each and everyday. Don’t you too?


In the race of becoming better each day

I give myself a very tough fight everyday.

With the promise of a better future

I don’t care about my present, I never nurture.

To see a growth in the next morning

I make myself so pale to bed like I was mourning.

Every minute I make my heart beat a hundred times

“Am I giving better to myself or taking it away?” I wonder sometimes.

The promise that I’ll start tomorrow

I feel like from life, some life I need to borrow.

My people want a break from me

Whom do I ask a break from? Is my boss too just Me?

I took a break today, not from myself though

I took a break from all the hardships that stop me to grow.

I found some time to be with ME

I found some time to love my loved ones and just be.

It’s not as difficult as it seems

Living is a two sided coin, sometimes creams and sometimes screams.

It’s upon us what we wish to see and do today.

To grow older with compassion or passion everyday.


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