I love being stubborn sometimes.


Most of us feel being stubborn is such a negative behavior

But do you know at times this “Stubborn Attitude” is a savior?

In fact, not even just a savior it also gives us a rise

A rise, to the skies, that for the eyes, might be a great surprise.

There has been a very big span of time

Where, I’ve been moving with air like a chime.

I was flexible to move with a slightest lead

A lead, that would recede, from me to succeed, guaranteed.

Now, during this time I understood

That being so flexible did me no good.

Rather, I moved away from my decisions as well

And well, I should tell, this did propel, me to rebel.

Now was the time I found that stubbornness was better

It changed me from just a time setter to a go getter.

I found every time I made my decision or a goal

This goal, was ought to be in control, without any roll, to find my lost soul.

And yes, this time I was right

This time, my plans got me to clear vision and sight.

Remaining stubborn about my well set target orΒ aim

The aim, became, a great game, to lift high my name.

Do you believe in sticking onto something for good?

I think “Stubborn Attitude” is a must try touch wood.


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