A feeling of joy that is far beyond the delight that we generally feel.


Have you ever felt this way?

When what you feel exactly, you can’t convey.

Usually, “Overwhelming” portrays this kind of happiness

Often, we brush this feeling aside, we don’t assess.

When tears fall from our eyes in extreme joy

It’s an emotional rush that we don’t enjoy.

Wiping these tears away from our eyes

Isn’t a decision quite wise.

Feeling the extremeness of emotions

Usually puts our mind into commotions.

We can’t describe the way we feel

This extreme joy gives a certain ache that we can’t reveal.

At that moment we just don’t know how to react

We feel exact yet abstract.

Isn’t it such a great emotion to feel so much at a time?

When the smile conveys a story and instantly tears say something sublime.

I think something like this should be termed as a blessing

When life gives us a little of love and care caressing.

It’s not quite easy to know joy and pain together

I feel it’s just so magical altogether.

I think I’m blessed to see some magic within me

God sends gifts every now and then, feel the blessing and you will see.


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