Weather The Storm!

It’s not easy to deal or cope always. But, it’s definitely easy to feel.

weather the storm

The skill of coping with difficulties is so undervalued

That in trying to pretend the skill we often lose our attitude.

Coping is really a very essential skill to own

Whether it’s simple exam problems or things cut to the bone.

Incapability to cope loneliness lead me to even the worst death

Because, to distract I took support of erroneous habits and forgot breath.

Frequent times we do the same

The same old distraction game.

But paying attention to the trouble or difficulty

Can be such a great healer skillfully.

Β Coping with situations is not a tedious task

We just need to feel all the emotions gathered in the mind cask.

We want to avoid and go away from the plight

A plight that itself can lift us to flight.

How would it be if I could wait and feel the loneliness

I would understand that I could share some friendliness.

Being curious about difficult situations in life

Can make us skillfully brilliant and away from strife.

We may not be capable to cope

But we were made the master to feel everything and design hope.


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