For some relationships are stronger than we know. This poem is a special dedication to my dear little sister on her 18th birthday!


Every breath we breathe is a give and take

Every journey needs a destination break.

Every share we buy is at stake

Only love is unconditional even in ache.

I was born as a sister today

And my little angel is celebrating her 18th birthday.

Time flies fast and we too give way

To those special moments everyday.

We’ve swayed together on high branched trees

We’ve been a part of each other’s mysteries.

We’ve asked each other a trillion queries

Yet, today I know there will be a continuous series.

We’ve had roller coaster rides of laughter

We’ve cried ourselves to bed too, but sought after.

It’s such a great feeling to visualize what’s going to happen hereafter

When I see ourselves grown up another year after.Β 

You’re my source of bright light

You’re in the sky when I lift my head to a height.

Yes, there are times we fight

But without you I can’t imagine any sight.

I might write a book today if given a chance

For the love I have for you is at expanse.

I don’t really know how to enhance

For you today, should I write, read, sing or dance?

All I can say and I will today

No matter where we are in a month, week or day.

You will remain in my heart all the way

I love you and I’ll always stay.

Happy Birthday!


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