We don’t need to find peace, we have it within.

Inner Peace

It has become my habit to cry

So much that, now without attention my tears fall and dry.

It has become my habit to worry

So much that, emotions I can’t bury.

I has become my habit to become angry

So much that, now they call me “Cranky Granny”.

It has become my habit to quit

So much that, now I’ve known to be unfit.

Doesn’t sorrow, anxiety, frustration or irritation

Cause a sort of oneself cremation?

Where one either feels good for nothing

Or blames others for every something.

There are times that some of these emotion injuries

Stay stuck in our mind and even cause theories.

But we definitely don’t want to form them on our own

In fact these all are things we want to disown.

Sometimes, life becomes so critical in general

That we tend to forget things that are pleasurable.

The main source of these wounds is disregard

To a life that couldn’t have come to us in a better guard.

The first thing that occurs within us is literally peace

But we uproot it piece by piece.

The cycle we ride might take us to a destination

But through a route of complete aggravation.

Peace cannot be lost, we avoid it because we avoid life

Some of us even start thinking that peace is a matter of afterlife.

Though solitude or calm can never lose durability

Look within you there is a glorious place of tranquility.


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