Tiny Steps!

A new year and definitely this month is the most challenging to meet targets.

Tiny Steps!

With every end and a new beginning

Our mind adds multiple thoughts into a factory of idea spinning.

The end of one year and the beginning of another

Is the greatest example than every other.

Rather than celebrating any new start

We rush and gush to restart.

But the most prime basics that we fail to understand

Throw us back with equal and opposite force to where we land.

The most new year resolutions fail again

Because we set the toughest targets every now and then.

What we haven’t done for a very long time

Becomes our first mountain climb.

If someone barely followed a habit for the last year

Can’t plan to follow it daily now from this year.

We make too many plans considering betterment

But don’t contemplate our mind and body resentment.

Our thoughts and health cannot understand new years and dates

And failure of our over planned resolution narrates.

We don’t have to place life to practice

This is the greatest malpractice.

We have to place practice to life

We have to gradually accept practice as rife.

Β Habits can form when they become convenient concepts

Let’s go slow and take tiny steps.


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