The Magical Curve!

The story of a curve that brought my life on path.

The Magical Curve!

One evening while I was helping my mom

She kept two serving bowls on my palm.

She asked me to keep them on the table

One bowl side up and the other upside down, little unstable.

Now she made me stand at some space

With some milliliters of dirty water in a vase.

She asked me to pour this water in each of the bowls

Without thinking about any controls.

When I poured the water from this distance at a time

It splashed from the bowl side up and remained on the one upside really fine.

“What did you learn?” in no time she asked

 I was in a state of shock completely unmasked.

Then with a smile she looked at me and said,

“The purpose of this game was simple and well fed.

When the bowl was side up even the dirt couldn’t enter

While it was upside down each particle settled in the center.

Similar are your lips when they curve

When they are side up they don’t carry hurt while below they reserve.

Every little hurt comes to you from a distance

If you can smile over it for an instance.

Choose the curve that suits your face

And tell your mind what will add some grace.”


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