I said, “I know I will fail.”


It has taken a lot of effort and pain

To understand that life gives both loss and gain.

I had always been a child who hated to try again

I always thought I’d fail now and then.

The pinch of failure was so hard for me

That I was unsure how success would be.

The same story would repeat in my mind

That I’ll go ahead on the stage but fall behind.

I thought, everyone would judge me and make fun

Not just others but, from me and myself too I would run.

Soon, I was pushed onto the stage for rewards

When they clapped for me, I could breathe awards.

No matter I was good or bad

I tried to do something and I was glad.

It’s been a long journey, today so far

And it hasn’t been easy, it has been bizarre.

I failed because I always thought I would

I tried in lesser ways than I could.

I thought of all possibilities that could put me down

I knew swimming, yet I’d always drown.

Yesterday, I failed because I doubted myself

Today, I passed because I accepted myself.

That pain of failure hasn’tΒ disappeared

But me and the person I’ve been, have neared.

Trust me it’s great that, today happiness I inhale

Because there’s no fear within that I’ll fail.


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