A pristine new year!


In the midst of dawn

When curtains were yet drawn

We were blessed with another newborn

To make our lives adorn.

Another three hundred and sixty five days

ย Another few trillion moments to make and raise

Another plenty thoughts to turn to ways

Yet another year is here to shine and blaze.

There must have been ups and downs

There must have been worn out clothes and new gowns

There must have been melancholy and joyful sounds

They might happen again till this year rounds.

New decisions, resolutions and aspirations

New choices, chances and creations

There may be temptations or frustrations

But keep adaptations for result admirations.

Every goodbye sends us a new hello

Every high pitch has its end mellow

Every plant gives a new seed to sow

And every seed owns a complete plateau.

Let’s make this new born a very genuine personality

With punctuality, rationality, speciality and originality

While we develop some individuality

And make it a world of outstanding morality.

Happy New Year!


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