How often do we believe in something or someone? And how often do we break faith?


As a child we don’t even know

If mom feeds the right food or so.

We laugh and giggle when tossed in the air

What if we fall? We aren’t aware.

But as we grow up, we lose the faith

We start losing trust, we don’t relate.

Same body, same structure

But the confidence in mind, complete rupture.

What makes our alike bodies, unalike minds?

What makes one species of different kinds?

Questioning beliefs of adaptation or religion is not my pointΒ 

The point is, one humanity yet distant creates, disappoint.

What lacks is just one belief

Belief is the only thing to relief.

One simple relation makes two individuals equal

But no equality and superiority is our way of sequel.

Why do we fear? Why do we lose trust?

We fear and don’t believe because, somewhere equality has rust.

No one person wants to be equal to another

“I might”, “I’ll try”, “I don’t know” says every other.

If we don’t trust ourselves or any other

Belief will soon be an understatement whole nother.


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