What comes to your mind first when you read of the word “Balance”?


The first thing that came to my mind, were eyes

The two eyes that always together fall and rise.

Have you ever wondered how balanced this organ is?

From the dropping of tears, to the blink bliss.

Even a wink needs a little change

This imbalance is something, we have to arrange.

The essence is, we all require to strive for stability

That one consistent movement of humility.

Maybe a tranquil smile that never fades

Or a constant composed healing that aids.

We all need an equilibrium towards the life we live

A steady process of the love we give.

It isn’t like to show the same amount of care

But it is like to show an ease in the way we share.

Β Composure is something even a camera needs

Symmetry is something even a book reads.

Our own body shape talks of being upright

Nature too is an equipoise figure right?

Then what makes the mind wander so much?

There is absolutely nothing so disordered as such.

To make a life and future made of valiance

Choices have to be made and enjoyed, like happens in balance.


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