Negativity is not a bad thing. Every positive soul has negative thoughts. Whether it’s worry or concern, we all need some negative to create some positive.

Hold on a smile, always awhile

Make it look like it’s worthwhile.

Be the courage and the strength

Worries stay at arm length.

I just say, “Be Strong!”

Because I know, it isn’t wrong.

But backbone comes with some pain

It isn’t quite easy to attain.

What is easy, is to hide tears

What is easy, is to portray smiles, no fears.

But heart breaks a million times

To become that one that just climbs.

Happiness becomes easy to be given

Seconds before people get forgiven.

This route, mile, way, will make us gain yet lose

Yet it depends on us, what we choose.

Give up because it’s hard?

Or stay smart and strong like a guard?

What’s better? To smile just for people?

Or be a genuine positive for people?

Crying on dad’s shoulder won’t make my pain fade

Then why don’t I just smile and let it aid?

It’s easier to preach than practice right?

Let’s make a change, let’s live and stay light.

Negativity is not a bad thing

Keep calm and let it sting.

It’s little bites won’t affect us much

It’s just a small little touch.


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