He felt the surge of anxiety.


Why just he or she?

Let’s talk about me.

I feel anxious at every step of my life

At times even grass feels like knife.

Nobody ever knows about the voices in my head

Or about all the times I’ve cried myself to bed.

Nobody knows how I deal with my failures

No one can understand my fear lying below all layers.

But don’t we all face the same

The same old anxiety game.

The game that makes us want to quit on every step

Or it makes us feel like we’ve taken a misstep.

So how do we deal with it

What can we do to face it?

The answers lie in the question

Face it to make a balanced equation.

When we do what we fear the most

We can do everything from pillar to post.

Whether people trust us or don’t

Whether people don’t respect and still won’t.

We should focus on what we feel is right

Take the step, even if it’s hazy or you’re out of sight.

Anxiety isn’t evil or bad

Then why does it make us feel sad?

Β A little doubt is always good

Of all consequences we feel understood.

If what went wrong becomes a question

Go ahead in expression not in depression.


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