We all have a big dream, an ambition, an aspiration to fulfill right? After years of changes in my dreams, changes in my plans, I finally know today what my greatest desire is. Do you?Desire

Keeping all those hobbies aside,

Times to rest that I’ve failed and cried.

Moments that took so much planning

And not working agendas too, maddening.

Today, when I find what I really want to do

I know this time it’s not just a vague goal new.

I know this will be in my list until I achieve

This desire will not cause me a waste or any deceive.

I know it isn’t easy but sure is worth a few trials

It’s sure going to cause me a few denials.

A lot many difficulties, maybe some more planning

But this time I tell myself, it isn’t going to be saddening.

This desire that I carry now in my heart

I wish it was there in me from the start.

I wouldn’t have to fight the world if I had this one goal

Achieved as a part of me, in my soul.

This dream that each one of us can own

That costs much less than the pride sown.

The dream of being happy when I grow

The dream of carrying a smile wherever I go.

The dream of being the human I’ve seen inside me

The dream of holding peace for everyone I see.

Dreams come to me in sleep and vanish when I wake

But this dream of being happy won’t remain just at stake.

I will do what makes me happy, without strife and fight

I will live my life, like I like, the bright light.

It isn’t easy to quit getting angry or sad

And I know it isn’t that bad.

But the task is, can I smile when someone puts me down

Can I still be happy and not frown?

Can I not be tough to show the strength in me

Rather be gentle and let the world itself see?


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