There was a time I came across stories, read them, shared my opinion with a few friends and put them aside.

Books_bokeh_hd_wallpaper-wideToday when I look back and see myself

See how easily I judged those endeavored arts on my shelf.

Whether it was a story book or an art piece

I didn’t look deep or behind the expertise.

Don’t we all do the same?

Whether it’s an art or a sport or a game?

We all criticize our favorite stars

Forgetting how they’ve come up through difficult life scars.

Β We all comment and sometimes compliment their recent works

Forgetting how life has given them jerks.

Today when I write myself and think of the difficulties I face

I realize, for the stars who gave me light, I never showed grace.

The respect they needed, the affection they required

Was never a spontaneity, what they have now acquired.

Because the best an actor can do today

Was found in him years back, beyond a long-long way.

Yes, we all come up great heights

But the worst we face is during the downfall fights.

So when I write today in front of the world on these blogs

Wouldn’t be a great deal if I didn’t have those night slogs.

The difficult exercises an athlete goes through

Or the expressions that make an actor look true.

The practices that make us fall and rise again

That never let the audience know about the effort behind them.

The most difficult parts of an achiever’s life

Can never been seen,Β all that hidden strife.

The difficulties that actually cause life threatΒ 

The struggles, troubles are all behind the scenes, as sweat.


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