We usually hurt ourselves with small petty little things that shouldn’t matter much.


It isn’t easy to stay happy always

To stay calm in all situations and ways.

It isn’t easy to always smile

It is good to cry out loud too once in a while.

But do you know, I found a way to find lost smiles

To stay calm while sailing the sea of crocodiles.

To live composed and without fear

To show your love and get back much love with care.

The only way to not lose that smile

Is to hold on a while.

Hold on the sorrow, depression, frustration or anger

To knowΒ what must have gone wrong without a heart piercing dagger.

Most of the times, we hurt ourselves

Those moments of misunderstandings stack up on our shelves.

How would life be with joy all around

When we allΒ kept the precious tears precious and smiles we found.

When we stayed calm in all those moments we can’t stand

And stay relaxed without blames and complaints to understand.


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