Read Me A Story!

A small incident of how a mother convinced her child to read a book over watching television in a poetic manner.

Read Me A Story!

“I don’t like reading” she said furiously

“I want to watch TV” this time curiously.

“Books are boring” showing sorrow

“They’ll all look the same, even tomorrow.”

What can one do when those innocent littleΒ kids

Tell different stories with their eyelids?

This is how her mother explained

To which the child smiled and silently remained.

“When you read about your princess in the book

You make a picture of how she would look.

How beautiful her eyes would be, how would be her hair

How pretty would her face be, would she look fair?

But when you watch TV, they make their own princess

She looks the same for everyone, more or less

She’s not just for you, she’s a princess for everyone

She’s not like you would want, she’s just someone.

When I tell you a story, my frog looks yellow and yours looks green

Tell me what’s better the same boring story or a land unseen?”

Very convincingly her mother freed imaginations and glory,

And the child replied, “Please, read me a story.”


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