Because, after a very long time I found out why it was important for me to be me.


A very affluent businessman once said,

to be successful and earn good bread

you should always try and be yourself first

be brave in being who you are, unrehearsed.

That made me realize, where I stood

when I always wanted to be understood.

I couldn’t become like someone to make them happy

while I was actually feeling irate and snappy.

It was okay if my laugh was weird

it was okay if my speech was absurd.

It was okay if I couldn’t blend in

I was delighted being me, within.

We got created differently to be different

we couldn’t all look identical, feel the same and then be different.

We were all born discrete to be unique

we were born to encourage and critique.

Then why look down on being someone else

why not be someone who really helps?

The best thing is in doing something no one else will

to be the uncommon and original self that values could instill.


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