How easily do we say, “Hang on a mo”? But today, I’d like to ask you to not even waste that one moment.


He stood there everyday to see her pass by

She walked past everyday to see him nearby.

He waited until the perfect day to let her know

She wouldn’t return one day, little did he know.

Life is a short story even if the book if of gold

Time is everything, it even makes gold worn and old.

One can wait forever for the storm to pass

Β But forever isn’t the time that the rains will last.

We never know if it’s now or worth the wait

We never know when it can get too late.

Perfect moments come and go

Create your moment, make it so.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Do it right away, say it right now, what’s fate?

Waiting for Friday, waiting for vacation

Waiting for someone to love you, causation.

Say it out, don’t wait for the movement of the crowd

Maybe it isn’t time yet, maybe it is. Just say it aloud.


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