Mind Scars!

How do you deal with your mind scars?


Recently I met with a peracute accident

Soon wounds scarred my skin due to the incident.

But more than the scars on my skin

The scars in my mind took me for a spin.

They were acute, discrete and prominent

They could become unforgettable and dominant.

Haven’t you too felt the same?

When some severe life moments play a game?

Play with your thoughts until you fight them

And they definitely don’t easily condemn.

A scar of a lie or an unintended mistake

Β Scars that cause the heart to ache.

The ones that came without any faults

The ones that put our life to halts.

I feel I’ve had all these scars on my mind

And they’ve been really unkind.

They’ve made me cry a thousand tears

They’ve made me bog in life for a few years.

So how do you confront these improper scars

That are hidden somewhere behind the bars.

Β I found a way that wasn’t so easy but was kind

To shoo the scars away, off my mind.

It was to create a better memory to erase the old

To create a new life, living or even a goal of gold.

To do something that would make you achieve

And forget everything that put you down or deceive.

Β It isn’t always easy to come up from accidents in life

It sure must be a tough situation, an absolute strife.

But there’s always another way to reach those stars

Just let go of your mind scars.


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