It’s in the darkest of nights that we see the brightest of stars.


I was never afraid of the dark

Even if the dogs howled instead of their usual bark

Nights kept me as happy as bright sunny days

They taught me more values in many more ways

There was nothing more beautiful than being under the starry skies

To be far away from all the truths and lies

Even more beautiful was to sit on the sea shore and watch the moon’s reflection

The night had always caught my affection

Sleeping on wet grass and watch the sky of fireworks was the best new year

When the moon would hide behind clouds and come back the next night, very sincere

A mug of coffee and a book to read under the moonlight

Were the best things to do, they always caused delight

Weren’t the nights always more calmer than the days

So silent, peaceful and with God’s little haze

In fact it caused the best thing ever

The dreams that could be lost never

Then why and how did darkness become so evil

Why and how did darkness mark upheaval

Rather it gave me strength to fight back strong a new morning

Which after the alluring night was even more adorning.


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