For there are some bonds that entangle you with love and sometimes even strength. Sometimes it’s us who don’t want to leave and sometimes it’s them whom we cannot let go. Entangled and strangled so close, that life doesn’t seem alright when we’re free somewhere far away.


We never know where, when or how paths meet

In a classroom, in office or maybe the back home street.

It’s so strange to find love in someone we never knew

To be truly loved by that special one, who never knew us too.

To be too close to live a life together

And to be too far to see one self as someone another.

It’s like, they either take our souls away with our hearts

Or give us a fragment of theirs that without them we feel we’re in two parts.

How someone becomes everyone and everything else becomes unimportant

How two personas connect and become into one something important?

How can a heart feel something and beat faster when they’re around?

What is it that makes it know it’s keeper is somewhere in the surround?

Isn’t it unusual to feel pain in someone’s absence

And to be calm in the most dreadful situations in their presence?

Isn’t it disturbing to fall in love and give yourself to someone else

Or is it some kind of magic that you fall but you don’t know, some kind of spells.

When we say we’re falling in love

Don’t we realize that falling hurts and we’re no dove.

Or maybe it’s so joyous, that we don’t mind the hurt

But being with someone who can steal your heart gives the courage to assert.

I don’t know if it’s beautiful or hideous to do this settlement

I don’t know whether it’s pleasing or painful but I adore this entanglement.


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