That’s My Song!

A story about how music changes lives. Because even hearts have beats.

That's My Song!

As a child, I didn’t even know which was my favorite song

Maybe I still can’t figure out. Maybe I’m wrong.

But I know one thing that is, how music connects with me

Music makes me feel myself, my soul, my voice, me.

Did you ever imagine, something that is just a sound

Could hit us somewhere in the heart, keep us astound.

Something so simple using just seven notes

Could give solutions to problems, save our boats.

Every little thing has a reason of it’s own

Every little sound too isn’t alone.

Every music says something thatΒ can’t be said

Every life too has music that can’t be heard instead.

The silence is music too if one canΒ perceive

We all have something that can change us within, if we believe.

For it’s been sometime now that I like to listen

To music and not words, I shine and glisten.

As a dancer, it gives me more beats

But as a liver, it gives me my heartbeats.

Music heals, it has changed my life

Listen to some, send it to your wife.

Find a song that explains what you have to say

For music does what words can’t, I can say today.

So that someday, somewhere maybe after yearlong

You dance with your wife saying, “That’s My Song!”


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