The Blame Game!

The story of an excuse.


There was a time when things were said and done

When appreciation wasn’t meant to be taken but won.

When there was no way someone could say no

When there were no choices except one, which was “Get set go!”

Slowly and gradually came the existence of delay

Of hide and seek and replay.

Of no fear and courage to say no

And sometimes with a yes, we ran away, “Get set go!”

Circumspectly, came a time where the fear of a lie was diminishing

Where fear from people was finishing.

Yes, at some point that was good and at some it wasn’t so

Because from love and respect too far we came like “Get set go!”

Sooner or later, well the time is now

I fear there isn’t much left to cheat somehow.

Where saying no, running away, lying or fearing has all gone and I know

There’s not much need for “Get set go!”

Life is easier today even after authority, delegation and responsibility

But it is fast and answers of yes or no are ambiguous, senility.Β 

Where the matter isn’t really hall of shame or fame.

And every excuse isn’t something important it’s just the blame game.


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