Whether sleeping late or sleeping until late.

We all have established an unlikely to change habit within us.


Habits can be either good or bad

But they’re definitely capable of turning us either happy or sad.

Because whether it’s developing or has already head in

It certainly can change us from within.

That’s exactly what happened to me

From an active young girl to a slouched potato I turned to be.

Yes, habits changed me from A to Z

Not just physically but mentally too they mislead.

They say, “Empty mind is a devil’s workshop”

It’s completely true and devils don’t stop.

They guided me from a live wire to slowdown

And within no time my thoughts turned my face down.

The sorrow was inside, depression outside

They took me in for a very tough long ride.

Did it change for good or kept sinking me in

Is another story itself to tell, I’ll begin.

Habits change into character

And changing back to oneself is working like an actor.

Working hard to shift through different roles

And yet behave like yourself at home, pouring milk in cereal bowls.

I read that it took twenty-one days to make or break habits

That meant just twenty-one days of mere commits.

Dedication, devotion, loyalty that did fetch a reward for sure

But would I be able to stick to it, was extremely unsure.

So I changed the titles of various things I used daily today

To remind me to do something else everyday.

Like my alarm wasn’t “Good Morning” anymore

It said “Time To Run To Burn A Few Calories More”.

My E-mail ID password changed to “readaBOOK”

And from emails to a book I would every time switch and hook.

These little things reminded me something valuable everyday

And now I run in the morning and read a book to bed in every way.

It isn’t quite difficult if we have a goal to pursue

But it sometimes takes a little courage to change habits so ingrained into you.


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