“Failure is the only opportunity to win again, only this time more wisely.” – Henry Ford


“So what if I lost one round, the competition isn’t over yet

So what if I lost two, I’ll try again all set.”

Said a little girl to me, her voice came, from within me

She was determined to become what she wanted to be.

I wish I was like this little girl always

For what I really wanted without the thought of replays.

I wish I could always give myself another chance

I wish I could stay patient for another stance.

Had I been persistent enough, I wouldn’t fall away

I would stand here with courage today.

But I lost once and chose another route

To my dreams, I myself refute.

Yes, I demolished them, with my own hands

I never wanted to try again, failure was my key for all bans.

I cried my oceans, thinking there’s no way out

I sank into thoughts and soon depression with no doubt.

But then I understood that a second chance isn’t so bad

People weren’t misunderstanding, but acknowledged and I’m glad.

A second chance, gave me the strength to fulfill the same dream

I gathered all my efficacy even though at first, tough it did seem.

It was a choice to either find something of less value

Or work for something that owned for me a great value.

And I chose my dream and stepped forward again

This time even if I lost, there wouldn’t be much pain.

 Why? Because I knew what I wanted

Why? Because I knew another chance wouldn’t be daunted.

More than myself, I was scared for what would happen around

But this time, for the change I saw within me, I was strong and bound.

I know it’s not every time that someone will support you

I know it isn’t every time that your second chances acknowledge you.

But this life we live, comes around just once

Then why do we lose hope of doing what we like if there isn’t allowance.

Put yourself forward first, they might not agree

But give yourself another chance, it isn’t their cup of tea.

Reason may say, “It’s pointless”. Experience may say, “There’s no scope”.

But listen to your heart, because “There’s always some HOPE”. 


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