Since we all are alive, we should take advantage of it.


Nineteen years, one month, five days, six hours and fifteen minutes

That’s my exact age right now, at this moment, if I calculate until minutes.

But do you know in all these days, of course afterΒ I was sensible

I’ve learned one thing each day, very indispensable.

That is, everything in life happens for a reason

Whether I cried today or even had a dream it happened for a reason.

Now after I’ve guessed this, I surely understand that I myself

Happened in my parents life for a reason to them self.

I came into their life, they gave me a beautiful life

But what about it? About this beautiful life?

If everything was destined and everything happened due to something

I should find and figure that very cause of that existent anything.

And sooner I believed that rather than finding a cause

I be the cause for something and delete the flaws.

A cause to a new beginning or maybe a cause to a happy ending

A cause to save a life or a cause to accomplish the intending.

A cause to shape my life and add an effect to it

Rather than living it like another individual and ending it.

If God send us here for a reason let’s satisfy him by being the same

He has written the destiny, done his planning, now it’s our turn to play the game.


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