For we all are damaged, broken or hurt at some point of time or the other in our lives.


What would you do if one day

You saw your loved one pass away.

You woke up to the movement of an earthquake

Or to see yourself bleeding and no one around your wake.

I wish nothing of that sort ever happened

I hope we all stay blessed and all these scenarios go unimagined.

But what if someday I saw my home burning away

What if it occurred today?

What would I do of the possessions, the belongings?

Where would I go with all new beginnings.

We never think of the most important aspects of our life.

We’re always stuck with a good bad strife.

What would I show then to the world

Where would I stand if my world was twirled.

The point is, we wait for damage, for a calamity to happen

Instead of shaping us to the necessity, we wait for things to misshapen.

No I’m not saying, be prepared for a calamity always

Or live a negative life thinking, we’ll all die in some ways.

But do think what’s important, essential and necessary now

Because it can be late somehow.

Since time doesn’t always give us a chance

Β Sometimes it doesn’t even offer a glance.

So make your way through difficulties with soul so strong

That no calamity, no hazard can let it go wrong.

And you challenge the obstacles that come in your fortune

To try to give you the tiniest of misfortune.


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