For we all have a child in us, it’s just that only a few of us understand.


Do you remember what you wanted to do most as a child?

I wanted to grow up, grow up and not be considered a child.

But today with all the understanding and sense

I see that in growing up there was just more expense.

Do you remember the second-most thing you wanted to do?

I wanted to achieve my dream ofย smelling like my favorite shampoo.

But dreams changed and the shampoos too

Fortunate or unfortunate, older I grew.

Do you remember the next thing of fantasies in your life?

Living on the cloud cuckoo land was absolutely no strife.

Earning a life and making a living is where, we’ve been caught

Who’s rich, richer, richest is never sought.

Do you remember that childhood unworried, untroubled and carefree?

Where falling of an ice-cream was, tears and dancing like a monkey, merry.

Where love was just a hug from dad and a kiss from mom

Where wishes would get fulfilled really and not cause a storm.

I found out the child in me again, the same little funny girl

Who just with a new dress, on the floor would swirl.

She has dreams of a grown up now, that we call sane

But I like the way she was a little insane.

No, not mad, crazy or psychotic

But you know how kids are, little endearing creatures sweet and chaotic.

So now with a new set ofย hopes and a set of no worries

I live my life like I wrote at the age of five in my diaries.

Merry all the time expecting love in the form of moms kisses

ย And teary all the time when the princess wouldn’t be the Prince’s.

Life is simple, complication is in us

I’ll live it like a child thus.

Dancing like a monkey, playing with a toy or puppet

I promise to be the least chaotic moppet.


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