” No legacy is so rich as honesty. ” said William Shakespeare.


Sometimes I feel the tongue was as genuine as the eyes are

The heart said what it felt when, near or far.

The words said much more than the actions could

Every difficulty would get easily withstood.

It would be so much easier to remember each second of life

No hidden feelings, no strife.

So peaceful, calm and happy the mind would be

As relishing as a morning coffee.

If we could mean the words we said

And say out the feelings unsaid.

So many tears would have no space in the eyes

And so many emotions wouldn’t stay in disguise.

Life would be so much easier and it can still get simple

If we can write a new story on the page with a crumple.

A story with every truth like the way it is in the mind

A story so true even if it isn’t so kind.

To say and feel everything with clarity

To be the genuine oneself, to live with sincerity.


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