He asked me, “What are you afraid of?” and I was frightened just by the answer that came to my mind.


Yes, frightened to my feet like there was no ground beneath

From a lovely smile, my face changed like it was losing teeth.

But I could answer that question and people around laughed

I turned to dark blue in seconds from a bright shaft.

Fear struck me hard, I wasn’t knowing of what was going around

But my thoughts swayed me to another level, another ground.

I was afraid of lying, of being untruthful or even hearing ruse

For me it wasn’t just a word misuse.

It meant playing with hearts, cheating them with false smiles

But I would regret a lot, cry a thousand miles.

I couldn’t face anyone with a lie

I couldn’t trust anyone again who once said a lie.

It was like once a liar, it continues

It was just another form of excuse.

There was no good in cheating

This was so much like mistreating.

Yes, I’m scared, even today, till date

But I wish I never lose this fear, never in fate.

It’s simple just say the truth

No questions, no burdens, no pain in the tooth.

I don’t wanna hurt even if I don’t get caught

I just want to live a life the better way, always sought.

Keep goodness and see how it changes the way you feel

Because life always has a lot to reveal.


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